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Most important letter of Cannabis from our are cannabis stocks to buy this month...

10 April to 10 May Cannabis & Lithium/cobalt/electric car


Dear Members,

The last nine months have been very exciting, ever since we stated the cannabis letter, and positive price actions have started in this sector over the last four months. Cannabis is a miracle plant, and a great natural substitute for many harmful medications. I am not a scientist, but I still know this as a common human being. In India “Sadhu’s”, or Hermits who live in the Himalaya’s and in the mountains don’t have any joint problems, because they take Marijuana, or as they call it, “Ganja”. My dad used to take it, and people in my village still take it. I realized that those who take it don’t have any joint issues, and I stated noticing this when I started asking people who have been taking marijuana in small villages in India

The health benefits are far greater than its side effects. It works like a miracle for many diseases, so there are greater benefits on the way for the medical industry. Now the pharmaceutically industry is taking marijuana to the next level. My friends dog had some physical issues and none of the conventional medications were having any effect. The Vet recommended him a few cannabis medications and it worked like a miracle for his Dog.

I am not here to promote the recreational use of marijuana among my members, but there are so many hidden benefits associated with it that could be great for the medical industry, and the people who are suffering from certain diseases.

One thing we must remember is that everything that exists on this planet and is provided by nature has a hidden value. We have always used thing provided to us by nature and survived. In fact, we have created the modern world from what exists in nature (steel and all metals, cement, wood, petroleum, plants, etc.). By doing research people found the components of each of these things and have been using them in the right way to create things. We invented everything from cars, to airplane’s, to medical instruments, medicine’s, food etc. from what exists in nature. We have basically used all five of the elements to survive and build life around of us.

Yes, among all the living things, we humans are a very special creation by nature, and our body is created in such a way that we have the ability to find a solution to any of our problems (thinking, surviving, research, and creating or giving birth solutions and that is technology). Resolving each issue kept bring new innovations and that how technology is keep rising in each area. Even the first wooden boat that was ever created by man, was a great creation at the time, in terms of research and technology. (We haven’t done any great research in religion and that is reason world is completely messed up and so people are walking without any clear path, we all fight and try to prove which is religion is great without great amount of research).

Among all living creatures’ humans are very lucky, and we have gotten the best particles from nature for our brain. We can call these particles the God’s particle. The more you think about it, the more you grow. The less you think or the less creative we become, the more you just walk into stagnation. We are yet to grow and that is the reason we will keep creating new technologies in our lifetime, and in the thousands of years to come, because our brains have limitless power, and the more you use it, the more it grows, and keep moving to the next level.

I used my brain to visualize the future through the astro cycle, and it has worked well for me. Yes, I failed to visualize it correctly on a few occasions, but that was due to me incorrectly timing the astro cycle timing, and my vison was not gathered in one direction. This happens when you are in a negative time cycle. People make many bad decisions during bad time cycles like suicide, murder, rape, and the list goes on, because in that time we are not thinking in the right way. If we ignore the right part of our brain that focuses on love, emotion, and caring part of our brain, then we can’t make wrong choices.

Just to see what it was like; I took marijuana on two separate occasions and I felt great. I don’t want to use it again because my brain was just calm and thinking differently. I am not a scientist so I don’t know how much I should have taken, and what impact it has on our brain.

Anyways, I am coming back to our investment strategy for the Cannabis industry. It is growing rapidly in all areas like medical (for cancer, diabetic, pains, and many other rare diseases), food brewing industry, (the brewing industry is feeling a little concerned because cannabis drinks are slowly entering in market which may take a small part in brewing, and many brewing companies are rushing to release cannabis  related drinks. The current existing drinks like Beer, spirits, or alcohol, are bad for drinkers, but cannabis won’t be that harmful. May have some positive results with pain; and in terms of ones behavior after taking it, compared to when you have taken alcohol.

Mostly, I am really focusing on medical marijuana, rather than recreational, because I know it will play a great role in helping many people who are suffering. This is the best astro time cycle because the North Node can take cannabis to completely different level, where people will start respecting the cannabis industry, because as I said its benefits are far greater than the negatives. The North Node is a very special hidden unseen planet which is a shadow and controls gravity. In the next seventeen months we may see a grand entry of cannabis into the medical world, so get ready for this.

I am not trying to convince anyone, I just write what I see in the future, like I did in 1996/97 when I saw a new era for telecommunication, internet, and software industry. That’s the reason I recommended everyone to put their hard earn money in those sectors; and you are all aware of what happened between 1997-1999. It was the biggest bull market that ever took place in telecommunication and technology stocks. After that each time I came across a new era, like mining in 2001, banking and tech in 2003, buying banks, biotech, technology in 2009, cloud stocks in 2013, and now Marijuana since 2018. I hope I will be right, and I hope that you will make a great amount of money, and I hope cannabis will make a great breakthrough in medical and pharmaceutical world.

I have really allocated a lot of time to studying the marijuana industry, in fact my son Ronak is putting in a lot of hard work to give me insight into this industry. As I mentioned in the past, he may take up my position in the next twenty years because he knows my subject, and I would like to pass my knowledge to him. He wants to focus on investments and research in the financial market with 100% help of the astro cycles.

Everyone is waiting for Federal law to change and that will in and of itself will push cannabis stocks through roof. In the next four and half year’s cannabis will be legalized globally so that you must get ready for playing this area.

Lately many brewing companies are making bids to acquire many cannabis companies as we all know, cannabis-based beer, wine, spirits, healthy drinks, and soft drinks will get on the main street very soon. Medicine and pharmaceutical companies are in a rush to create medicine as they know that the medicines will work very well on humans and our pets without any side effects.

A lot of food, healthcare, and beauty products are coming in the market in a big way, and people are waiting because the results are great as far as what I am hearing.

I never knew all of this factors and benefits when I recommended cannabis stocks, I just recommended them because of the North node as I saw a mania taking place. It looks like the coming time for cannabis is bigger than a mania, and this mania can stay longer, especially for quality companies.

Here are a few stocks you should buy without waiting much:

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Thanks & God Bless,

Mahendra Sharma.