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Big move in markets will happen as predicted so don't miss...small part is here

Many people are now talking about our face book short recommendations and we still believe that Facebook story is ended, any rise shall be taken as selling opportunity specially above $169 with target of $90.00.

Apple won’t collapsed completely, but it was great recommendations to get out at $218 level. Stock has lot of cash so those who took short must start covering shorts 100%.

NVDA is dead, AMD is far batter company. Chris reminded us about our Facebook predictions:

Chris Cady

12:01 PM (4 hours ago)

to me



Great call on FB stock from a couple of years ago.


Right on the money.


Keep up the good work.

You must have been noticing that I haven’t discarded 3200 for S&P, but same time looks difficult to achieve by the end of this year.  

Currencies lost value today is most crucial day and I am still very much hopeful for rebound in most of currencies specially Pound and Franc.

Commodities are struggling as predicted, Soy and coffee performed very well.

Marker closed in green on Tuesday which is great news for bull, I don’t think bull can ask more than this. Rush and cover all shorts in market immediately if you are holding any.

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