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Today market shall reverse so panic will end today, gold recovery...great time to bet with mega bull market..

Dear Members, 

Today gold moved higher as predicted, and market recover and may make V shape big recovery as expected. Wtch Pound and Rupee closely. 

Small part from weekly newsletter Index sections:

ast week most of markets remained very volatile, USA market also started giving away gains. Most of stocks so far which announced earning failed to perform or fail to hold value. Last week JPM, DPZ, and Netflix announce earning, after earning these stocks lost value. NFLX opened $42 higher but failed to hold value, it erased all gains in the last four trading sessions, in fact prices of NFLX closed below earning day. Most of other markets also traded negative, Nikkei Index traded sharply lower.

Now S&P trading very close to 2751 level, and closing below 2751 for the three days could create panic in global markets because this is most important astro level. I strongly believe that Tuesday will be key day for USA market. When I boarded plane, S&P was trading around 2719 level in electronic sessions which far below 2751 level but I am still hoping that it may bounce back after opening of USA market.  

Most of global markets are trading sharply lower on Tuesday, I will reach before the mid-night in India or mid-session of USA, I would love to see market recovering from the lower levels because that will confirm that low has been formed and buying time in all major markets.

If on Tuesday USA market recover from the lows than we may see V shape recovery not only in USA market but in the most of global markets. Wednesday to Friday globally markets can fly higher.

Though, I still believe that emerging market may start moving higher from Wednesday. If Tuesday Wall Street closes positive then buy INDL, YINN, and BRZU on Tuesday. Also buy other south American market, Asian market and European markets.

All depends on Tuesday. MSFT and AMZN earning will come during this week. Tuesday’s trend will guide market and earnings may follow Jupiter. I will try to send you Wednesdays flashnews so wait for that.

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Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma