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Today's Trade & News

Brazilian Real moved 11%, coffee 15%, sugar 15% higher...Gold, Rupee, S&P and Indian market strategy from here...

Dear Members,

Most power move in Brazilian Real came, it gained 11% from 4.20 in the last eight days which is very rare for any currency. This was one of the best short-term trade, book profit around 3.73 level.

Gold traded lower as predicted in this week letter, stay away from any buying, we have opened our lower side target in three digits if trades as predicted. Also, we predicted that gold could move toward $1500 if it trades as predicted in this week newsletter so this week is very important for gold trader as either it will be dead, or bull will wake up.

Coffee and sugar moved as predicted, around 15% move came book profit.

Thirty-year bond tested 137-00 which was predicted last years, close all shorts.

JPM will announce earning this week, buy some positions.

S&P is holding 2888 level which is great sign.

Indian market bounced back as predicted on Monday, great time to buy INDL. Rupee and Indian market is ready for mega move. Read of Indian market very carefully.

I am still in India, and may be here for the few more week.

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma

7.30 PM Mumbai