Thursdays Daily Flashnews (Unedited report)

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Wednesday FOMC passed without any major changes in policy. According to our book and newsletter negative cycle was from 21 to 31 January which ended today so all major markets must rebound strong from Thursday. I have been watching metals, energy, indexes and currencies are trading in the ranges as predicted in the daily flash news so take advantage of trade in and out, or whatever market we are bullish on that market you should buy around lower side ranges.

Earning report of MSFT was positive so we are expecting stock to move higher from here onward till mid-February.  INDL was another trade which we recommended buying between Monday and Wednesday, because we predicted it will start moving higher from Thursday so watch INDL and MICROSOFT trend from Thursday, they should move higher according to wave of nature cycle. Third recommendation was TMV/TTT/TBT, they are gaining value as predicted.

Another best short trade proven was Palladium, prices collapsed 10% from 1123 to $1025 in the last seven trading days. Precious metals and oil traded as predicted on Wednesday. 

Oil facing some challenges to cross astro level of $65.68 as predicted, Natural gas collapsed today as predicted, closing below $2.95 will push prices up to $2.61, buy gas around $2.95 with stop-loss of $2.90. Sell new positions if it closes below this level.

Grains and softs witnessed profits booking on Wednesday as predicted.

We recommended booking profit in UVXY on Wednesday for term trading, and we are sure you must have done that.

USD Index holding 88.21 level and it will hold this level, read of this week newsletter and book carefully.

Crypto currencies are trading negative as predicted in the book and the newsletter, one can take small buying in two recommended stocks of Crypto currency related.

Gold and silver traded as predicted, buying was recommended at $1334 level, and higher side $1357 is profit booking level for the short period until it breaks on higher sides.

Thursday will be proven positive days for all major markets, Major turn around in Indian market and Indian Rupee which can push INDL aggressively higher. Our target is $155 form current price of $112 level.

So far, we are very pleased with wave of nature theory as every sections prediction of January written in the book have come true, thankful to the nature. Read carefully all sections below, I am traveling so tomorrows update will be little bit late.

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This is what we stated in yesterday’s daily flashnews: Wednesday and Thursday is most important time for traders, Wednesday Lunar Eclipse in the house of Cancer with Sun opposite with South Node and Moon will be having combinations with North-node in its own house. So, far moon in Cancer with North Node always market bounced back sharply higher since July 2017, so I will bet on market on weakness on Wednesday as Thursday and Friday could be very bullish days for USA, Indian and global equity market:

1.      FOMC Statement which will bring huge volatility in market, currencies, Thirty Year bond and gold. Gold traded both sides on Tuesday as predicted ranges, we recommended buying at $1333 level. Also we mentioned that gold can test $1298 level on worst case scenario so watch this level as we are recommending buying gold around this level if gold falls after FOMC.

2.      Get ready to load up USD Index on any weakness after FOMC, we see sharp reverse in Dollar from 88.21 level, Indexes will also rebound, most of currencies may achieving top after FOMC announcement. Great time to build sell positions in every currency except Indian Rupee and buy USD.

3.      FOMC can bring some selling in market but get ready to buy QQQ, SPY and INDL, these are our favorite trade for Wednesday onward as mentioned in the weekly newsletter.

4.      Most of you must have done very well, few of our big member, are short in Thirty Year since 169-00 and they are still shorts. We are still recommending sell after any rise on FOMC.

5.      MSFT (Microsoft) will announce earning tomorrow, we are betting on big upside move in MSFT. Our target is $108 in the next one month.

6.      We recommended start accumulating INDL from, I am sure you must have build positions on Monday and Tuesday, add more tomorrow without fear, it is trading around $110, our target is $155 with in the next 45 days.  

7.      Base metals traded negative on Tuesday, I like that trading pattern on positive day. Palladium prices came down sharply lower, I am you must be holding positions it.

I am sure most of you must have bought, I think so far these year book looks great because whatever we mentioned in the month January in “2018 Financial Predictions” for metals, energy, indexes, currencies, bond and Crypto Currency coming 100% truth, all thanks goes to wave of nature.  

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We recommended booking profit in UVXY on Wednesday, so do that.

Softs traded negative, and grains gained value. Lumber lost big value in the last two days, and cotton came down sharply lower. Today Orange Juice also lost value. 

Oil traded negative on Monday and Tuesday as predicted, yesterday we stated that Oil closing below $65.68 is not good sign for bull, close below $65.68 for more days below this level will open the door for bear to enter until $61.38 level. We also mentioned that from late Wednesday oil may rebound and close in green on Thursday and Friday. If oil fails to close up on Thursday and Friday that will surely invest big bear trend from next week and oil could fall 10% lower.

AMZN, MSFT, GOOGLE, FB and FB will announce earning, these stocks will move either big way, stay alert and watch our stock investment report closely for the daily earnings report.

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