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Global Stock Market Predictions

Global Stock Market Predictions

Detailed outlook for global stock markets for weekly and daily trading range and Investment strategy. You will receive Index section of Weekly Newsletter and Daily Flash News in this subscription.

Subscribing to the Global Stock Market Subscription entitles you to receive daily updates on all areas of the stock market with the next day’s trading range before the Asian market opens. We send the Flashnews five times a week and Weekly Newsletter once in a week and the accuracy of the daily trading range is over 90%.

In Global Stock Market Subscription, we predict:

  • Australian
  • Hong Kong
  • Nikkei
  • Nifty
  • Euro Stoxx
  • DAX
  • FTSE
  • CAC
  • S&P
  • DOW
  • RUSSELL 2000

The Global Stock Market Subscription is for active stock market traders who are looking for answers at crucial stage in daily volatile market. We cover Australian, Hong Kong, Nikkei, Nifty, Euro Stoxx, DAX, FTSE, CAC, S&P, Dow, Nasdaq, Russell 2000 trading ranges.

Why subscribe to our Global Stock Market Subscription?

  • Most Unique Theory to Predict the Weekly Market Trends
  • Members from more than 69 countries
  • Well known Hedge funds and Banks are subscribers of our newsletter
  • A highly successful track record

Please read our disclaimer before you order our services.

Subscription Options

1 Week (Trial):
$155.00 USD
$495.00 USD
$1,425.00 USD
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$5,275.00 USD
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The Global Stock Market Weekly Newsletter includes positive and negative cycles of stock market. I.E. If we predict a positive cycle for a certain currency from Monday to Wednesday, you should buy on Monday and sell on Wednesday and the same applies for the prediction of a negative cycle. The weekly newsletter is for people who want to take shorter, medium of longer term trade/investment positions.