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Today's Trade & News

Todays update. A great offer - I am increasing around 100% weekly newsletter subscription fee..

Dear Friends,
Read today's update but here is important message below:
Dear Members,
Metals and oil trading sideway as predicted. Predicted gold support $654.80 has not broken and top for oil $67.10 has been achieved for this week. My recommendation is to stay away from metals and energy. I am worried for metals and I will write some thing very important in next week newsletter.
I am sending you this alert only because of currencies trend. I mentioned in my newsletter that currencies would remain sideway and would gain in New York trading session. Today before the New York trading session start dollar was already trading down and since than trading at same level around $82.15 after touching low of $82.02 and it is a great buying opportunity.
In newsletter we predicted positive trends for dollar on Monday and side way trend for Tuesday and Wednesday morning but Thursday I am predicting sharp rise so fall in Euro and all side currencies will come from today evening or tomorrow morning. BUY DOLLAR and sell all currencies.
Stock market weak days are coming any time or any hour. Currently all market are trading higher but they can fall from today. Get out from USA market Hedging position.
Soy meal and soy hedging paid nicely against Soy oil in the last to days. 
Coffee and cotton remain sideways as expected and buying time came again.
Orange juice and Lumber remained down and they should fall more.
Sugar to remain sideway but buying time will come from Friday.
Keep buying alternative stocks as they will rule future coming time in stock market.
I will trying to give more detail weekly newsletter with daily trends in commodities, currencies and stocks. 
I have decided to increase weekly newsletter subscription fee around 100% and soon new prices will be available but before I increase fee, I decided to give a great offer to my current members as well as those whose services got expired recently as your support was always there on all occasion even when my predictions were not on track.
Here is offer for extending your current subscription or renewing start from today:
If you extending subscription for one month - One weekly newsletter will be free.
If you extending subscription for three month - One month weekly newsletter will be free.
If you extending subscription for six month - Two months weekly newsletter letter will be free.
If you extending subscription for one year - Four Months weekly letter will be free.
You can't subscribe more than one year.
Don't subscribe if you are looking for making money overnight but those who want to keep awareness and future move of market can subscribe the services.
Thanks & God Bless
Mahendra Sharma, Wednesday 10.10 am Santa Barbara
There are many people that have sent me mail asking why there are no updates published on the website.
Well, the reason is simply that it is a paid service though I sometimes put a few just so that new visitors can see what I do. Please therefore don't expect me to put a free update everyday on website. You can get much more if you subscribe to the newsletter.
Furthermore, it is quite true that something seems to have more value when one has paid for it. One usually feels good and proud about it and sure enough, the results are often different. This is just human nature: for instance if you go for coffee that is being offered free, you may feel good about it for a while but for how long can one do that? As a matter of fact, it is only a matter of time before one starts to feel some pangs of guilt and wondering whether he shouldn’t just pay for it, even if just a token. As I said, this is just human nature and even though it is good to share with others, one feels the need to pay once in a while. This way, one feels at ease to fully contribute and participate with others without negative emotions.
I am not trying to make anyone to subscribe to my newsletter but if you trade in the unpredictable market, then  $180.00 for a month’s subscription or $1440 for a year is not a big fee. One can actually make this amount in one trade and is the kind of money we spend for everyday needs, like buying a cup of coffee. 
Thanks & God Bless
Sharma Mahendra