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This week Gold 4% and September will be memorbale month for metal investor's

Dear Friends,

A Small part from my this week newsletter. The last week remained quite stable for metals and metal stocks. Oil went down while coffee remained strong. For this week, I would like to submit a brief but clear message to my followers.


Metal Investor’s – The one hundred year long wait is finally getting to a close and your number is now next on the queue.


I would like to once more draw your attention to 4 September. I have talked of this date for long and the waiting is nearly over as the day will finally dawn during this week. The day however falls on a Saturday, during which the world financial market will be closed. I have been predicting for years that metals will strongly rise from September 4, 2004. Once again, I am happy to announce and confirm in this newsletter that yes, metals will start rising very strongly from 4 September. The dream of those who have been waiting for a rally for years will soon be fulfilled.


I shall be 36 years old on this same date and I feel especially fortunate and elated that my birthday should coincide with the commencement of such a momentous phase.



My astrological calculations indicate that gold will start rising from 4 September and will be around $448 by 29 September. This translates to a 10% rise. I am eternally grateful to astrology and my methodology since they have enabled me to predict even the prices. When people read what I have predicted well in advance, a few that don’t comprehend how I can predict prices feel that I am crazy. If you can review a few of the predictions from my book, you may start to ruminate on the reason why my methodology has not been accorded due significance.


For instance: When I completed my 2004 book last year in September I said several important things:

  1. Oil will continue to rise slowly till the middle of 2004 and after 20 June 2004 a major rally in oil will start and prices will touch $50.
  2. Silver prices will touch $7.95 in early 2004.
  3. Gold will touch a new high on 2nd April.
  4. Platinum prices in early 2004 will cross $900.
  5. Soybean prices will crash
  6. After 21 June don’t remain in buying position in Dow Jones etc… 

My anticipated rise in metals will really be a testing time for my work on gold because I am expecting a very strong rise from 4 September and rising momentum will continue for whole month of September. . The rise of Gold prices could be the subject of big talk in the financial community as well as media houses.


Last year I made a very important statement on gold and silver; “Many big money powerhouses will start accumulating gold and silver”. This is what I now see happening. I am predicting that Billions of dollars will move into gold and silver during the month of September 2004.  


I know that many of my followers have been waiting for the coming of a good time in metals. In addition to being excited of the imminent rise in metal prices I am also thrilled because the power of truth or real money (gold/silver) will become manifest. This is gradually entering into financial houses and edging out the power of paper currencies power. It is taking over exchange control which has promised to deliver value. It is therefore a matter of little time before gold becomes the heart of financial transactions.




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Thanks & God Bless