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Here is 2007 predictions on currencies, Few currencies will move down more than 21% ...

2007 Currencies & Wave of Nature

Date of initial prediction: September 8, 2001

Where predicted: Initial predictions appeared in the Sunday Times of Johannesburg (South Africa) with follow-up interviews with South African Broadcasting and other newspapers and radio stations throughout the world

Price on date of prediction: $0.83 against U.S. dollar

Projected outcome: Euro would rally to par ($1.00) within one year and eventually it would move to $1.36 within three years.

Outcome and dates: Euro reach $1.00 against the U.S. dollar in May, 2002 and topped out at $1.3620 in December, 2004 (It was at this time that he predicted a strong dollar rally and substantial weakness in the Euro, which is currently in process of occurring)


The accurate predictions that I made concerning the Euro and the Dollar convinced many investors into believing that planets and its energy movements can influence people’s minds. It is possible that the flow of investment moves from one side to another. This is what I predicted at the end of 2001, and there was a shift of currencies from the US Dollar to the Euro and the Pound in 2002/3.


In 2001 when I saw the Dollar losing value against the major currencies, many people were very skeptical of my prediction. They regarded me with doubt and suspicion until it was proved right in 2002/3.



From 2004 book - Those who closely follow my predictions are aware that from 9 September 2001, I recommended that investors get away from the US Dollar and switch to other currencies like the Euro, Swiss Franc, Pound, Yen, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, South African Rand and the New Zealand Dollar. I recommended that people hold these currencies against the US Dollar and even gave approximate price indications. Those projections were fulfilled exactly with a100% accuracy. My words were as follows:


In the month of June, the Dollar will drop against the Euro and will record a new low. The dollar’s weakness will remain until the end of year 2003…the US Dollar will touch 1.24 against the Euro.

2003 World Prophecies, page 40.


I am predicting a similar trend for the year 2004. The US Dollar will be weakening and it will lose value against other major world currencies. In early 2004, the US Dollar will make an attempt to rise and for a few weeks, it will gain. Overall, the US Dollar will be in a decline mode, touching the 1.36 mark against the Euro in 2004.





Small note from my book “2003/2004 World and Financial Prophecies” - “Planet Mars is behind the rise of the Euro and since the end of 2001, it has been my favorite currency. Last year, I warned that investors…


Euro will remain very strong for the whole of the year 2004. After March, the Euro will trade above 1.20, like in 2003 when it did not go below 1.0. It will be resilient against the US Dollar and surprisingly, the Euro will be very strong against the British Pound and other major currencies like the South African Rand, the Canadian Dollar and the Swiss Franc.”


In 2007 higher side of euro will be 1.3410 and low will 1.1640 against the dollar so trade accordingly. From April first week euro will move down sharply because of some disagreement between Euro zone will begin. In 2007 Euro will lose it value against YEN and USD so sell Euro and buy YEN/USD.



My prediction last year was that:


In the whole of year 2003, the British pound will remain strong and stable.

2003 World Prophecies, page 40.


Very weak time will start for pound from end of March 2007 and it will lose its value against all major currencies. By end of 2007 British Pound will trade around $1.68 against USD and higher will be $1.9710.



This is what I mentioned in 2004 book. In the year 2002, I predicted that the Yen would make strong gains against the US Dollar and that the price could go below 100 by the end of the year 2003. At the time of writing, when the Yen was trading at around 132, I was still hopeful that the Yen would touch the 100 mark.


Japanese Yen will surprise every by gaining against all major currencies from February 2007 but against the USD Yen will lose value more than 6%.


From Feb 2007 buy Yen against the EURO, POUND and Australian dollar.



The Canadian Dollar will remain side way or in trading range till May 2007 and there after fall will come. It will gain against the Pound and Euro.



This is what I mentioned in 2004 book about Australian dollar. “I have spoken concerning this currency on only a few occasions. In the year 2002, I predicted the rise of the Australian Dollar against major world currencies. This surprised many people because in terms of percentage, it made very significant gains against the US Dollar.


In the year 2004, the Australian Dollar will ride high and touch 0.78 against the US Dollar. At this level, one may sell for a short period.”


In 2007 Australian dollar will move down any time from first week of March and by end of this year it will lose more than 18% its value against the USD, higher side Australian Dollar can go up until May 2007.


From June 2007 Australian and Canadian dollar will fall more than 18 percent before the end of 2007. so great amount of money can be made in these currencies from June 2007.



This currency will not move down much against the Dollar compare to Australian dollar. One can buy New Zealand dollar against the Australian dollar.



2007 will be very negative year for Franc as from April 2007 sharp correction will take down Swiss Franc toward 1.48.



In the six years Saturn gave me accurate predictions on Rand from 13 to 5.90 against the dollar (Predicted in 2001). In 2006 April recommended selling Rand and since than it has fallen sharply from 5.90 to 7.70. Currently it is around 7.05 and I see by end of this year (2007) it should trade around 8.40.



Indian Rupee will start moving down from June and by October it will move down more than 8% against the USD.



The currency returned gains in the year 2003. The Real will make more gains against major currencies but will move down against USD.



The Argentinean currency will gain remain lose more 15% value against the US Dollar in 2007.



The Indonesian Rupiah will lose its value sharply after May 2007.



This year Ruble will remain firm, property market as well as stock market will remain more positive than other markets.



In 2007 Yuan will trade in uncertainty or in sideway trend and I don’t see it gaining against any currency.

For short term trading my weekly newsletter will guide. Once again 2007 is for USD and YEN. 2007 WILL BE THE YEAR TO SPEND TIME TRADING CURRENCIES RATHER THAN ANY THING ELSE.

Thanks & God Bless

Mahendra Sharma, 05 March 2007
Dear Friends,
Here is update of last week alert, which could have made or save you thousands or millions of dollar.
Dear Members,
There are no changes in my predictions from the last update, I hold outlook as it is:
Don't buy any commodities at this stage including metals, energy and grains. One can sell Platinum around $1205, Copper around $282, silver $13.07 and gold $654.80 for short term.  
Stock market rebounded today and I recommended to sell during Thursdays rise as we may see weakness in market from next week as well as from Friday after 11.00 AM New York time. Once again Asian market and European market looks very negative.
Bond traded weak and they should remain weak on Friday so watch your trades.
Coffee and cotton should start moving up soon so one can buy at this level. Buy coffee around $111.50 and cotton around $54.20.
Friday during mid-day trading session I see sharp correction is coming grains so don't hold any position in grains.
Oil should move down on Friday as well as next weak so avoid any position in oil. Sell oil at $61.90, RB Gas at $1.9300 and heating oil at $1.7650
All Currencies remained weak against US dollar on Thursday and it should remain weak after 9.00 AM New York time. Australian Dollar is holding up but after ten days it should collapse more than seven percent so watch closely and trade accordingly from next weak. Sell June Australian dollar around $0.7790 and bound $1.9312. Buy June dollar index is trading around 83.65 and it is a great buy. 
Don't expect every day free news, to gain some thing you have to pay the cost. Daily cost of subscribing weekly newsletter is $4 a day which is same like buying one coffee.
I see many natual disasters and new diseases can affect millions around the globe in the next three months.
Here is links of my previous predictions which may help you in making decisions for longer term:
Thanks & God Bless
Mahendra Sharma, Thursday 7.50PM