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Emerging market including BSE Indian should fall more 30%, On 18 July we predicted 36% fall in oil and metals...US Dollar will dominate...

Dear Members,
I would like to recap on what we have been predicting and advising.
We have been warning on commodities and yes we can see the current trend, oil is very close to $88.80, which we predicted two months back and still we are not positive on all commodities. Many commodities can lose more than 50% value from here so be careful before you put any money in commodities. Don't try to find out bottom in commodities.
On USA stock market we have been recommending buying but against selling of international markets, if you don't sell international then don't buy USA market because time ahead is very bad so we want to make hedge trade, we have still performed well because we sold european markets, asian markets and emerging markets and in term of currency value we also gained around 10% in the last six weeks as dollar is rising. In current market scenario one should always diversify as well as one should take hedging position other wise years hard work earned money can wip-out in few months.
Dollar is doing well and our call to buy dollar and Yen has paid us nicely. It will do well in longer term but at this stage we shall be gettting out from Yen position because it gave us huge profit.
My members should remember few of our predictions before they put hard earn money in any market:
1. All Major currencies can lose 90% value from here as meltdown in currencies on the way. Stay with Dollar.
2. All emerging market are at worst stage and still bad period is not over yet. Early this year we warned investors so get out 100% from markets like, India, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Australia, Russia, Japan, Singapore, Brazil and many other markets and this prediction proven 100% accurate.
I see India and other Asian market can lose another 50% from here. When India market was at 20000, we predicted it can lose 50% and last few weeks we have been saying  that now more 50% down is on the way, it means Indian BSE index going toward 7000 from 15000.
In medium term I see: Gold can hit $680 and if it breaks $750 and silver can hit $7.80 and if it breaks $9.80. Oil is falling and it will fall upto $81.80 and more if it breaks the $81.80. Grains, oil and other commodities can fall 50% from here. Trade carefully. Our newsletter will guide you as usual.
Tuesday trade according to mentioned in Newsletter. I have already started writing next week newsletter because time is very interesting ahead.
Here is one of member has send email:
Sent: Tuesday, September 16, 2008 8:01 AM
Subject: please guide us sir

hi mahendra,
As we all believe in your prediction. I had purchased world financial prophecy 2008-09. I am realy very very thankful to you. You saved tons of of money by accurate predicting on emerging markets,commodities,currencies and of course US banks failures.
As of today DOW Jones looks like horrible one day drop since 9/11. People are talking about 7500 to 9000 by year end. But we have lot of faith in you after god.What is your best suggestion to small investor either add new positions in dow or wait for election results? (My Answer: On Rich Roffman I mentioned that 25st Dow will try to bottom out but not other international market). I don't see Dow going to 7000 in any case so I will recommend to accumulate USA market here but don't forget to hedge the position by selling internationa market (I am not recommending naked buying here in Dow without selling international markets). You can also sell ETF's of all major international markets. If you would have sold key major stock market ETF's then you whould have up net 20% even though Dow is falling but anyway still not too late). 
Hoping for your symphetic and favourable reply.
Thanks & God Bless
Mahendra Sharma Tuesday, 16 Sept, 7.00 am Mumbai, India