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Don't buy the dreams those who are selling gold to reach $3000 or $5000, Avoid greed. Alternative enegry stocks gave us over 100%...

Dear Members,
Many members came with strong support of my dollar rise prediction and they also were aware current difficult time for my predictions.
I still warn on commodities, if you wait then there is no ending but some level one has to book profit when astrological outlook is not healthy for world financial market. I talked about this before of melt down in banking or financial sector and my warning is still remains at high.
One shall get out from commodities because time ahead is not good and don't become a greedy, You shouldn't be buying a others people dream of gold reaching $3000 to $5000 and oil $150.
From here I have a great faith in dollar rather than other currencies and I will write in details in newsletter.
My support and best wishes are with people those who might be in tough position by holding dollar. Worst time is over for dollar.
Thanks & God bless
Mahendra Sharma, Friday 7.00 AM