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BLOOD-BATH in commodities is on the way, so cash in 100%, it is short, medium or long term crash?..

Dear Members,
This is again most important note:
I just finish study on commodity market with current planetary movement with last trend years trend. Over all I was very must optimistic on commodities but from today I am changing my outlook on commodities market AS MOST IMPORTANT EVENT IS TAKING PLACE IN THE NEXT FORTY HOURS.
Saturn, Sun and North-node clashing with each other so I can call end of bull market of commodities from here. I have been recommended that we may buy metals after September but this will also change.
Planets says end of bull market in commodities here for atleast few months and prices of many commodities will fall drastically so get out today 100% from commodity market in rising.
First time I am recommending that long term metal investors can also sell 100% position as worst time ahead.
I will write more in details during next week letter.   
I will wish you god luck.
Thanks & God Bless
Mahendra Sharma, Wednesday